Podcast EP03

Show Notes:

    There are five mortal sins that you probably commit every day. Not with your friends. Not with your family. But with your marketing.

    Customers don’t react well when you commit these five sins. There are rules about what you need to do to reel them in, and breaking those rules can easily lose you sales.

    When making these mistakes – like simply advertising, rather than marketing – you are costing your business money. Instead, you should be providing value to your customers and connecting with them on a deeper level.

    There are huge possibilities for connecting with your audience. You have a lot of tools at your disposal, like Facebook, YouTube, and email. But tools without a process are nothing. In this episode, I’m talking about how to create value in your marketing and avoid the sins that won’t net you any sales.

    I’ll tell you about the strategy you need in order to put your marketing into action. Then we’ll talk about developing your marketing to a new level.

    In fact, I go through all five sins and what you should do instead.

    Link : Buyers Journey

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