Podcast EP04

Show Notes:

    Today we are going to meet our Special guest; Lory Ankiel.

    Lory is the co-founder of TheAthletesGuide.com and OurBaseballLife.com and she is also the wife of famous MLB player Rick Ankiel.

    In this episode, Lory shares her story on how she started this business and what were her challenges.

    Lory also gives some great advice for housewives sitting at home, raising their kids and having an idea – how they should get started.

    I and Lory have been working together since 2012 and it’s been a wonderful journey.

Next Step:

You can follow Lory on :

The takeaways : If you have an idea and need a simple way to put it on paper as a business plan: Download the lean canvas business model. It’s just one simple page to hold the essence of your full business model.

And If you’re not sure about your idea and need professional help – we offer free 30-minute consultation for startups with our consultant – Ashish Pandey. Ashish specializes in helping startups attract more and more investors’ money. Find a time to talk with him here.

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