Podcast EP02

Show Notes:

    Have you ever wondered how to set your prices? How do you raise your prices to increase your profits without putting your customers off? This episode will explain to you how you should be setting your pricing and how to ensure your customers will be happy.

    A lot of people drop their prices because they feel their customers won’t be happy to pay. This is a huge mistake. You’ll end up with customers who don’t appreciate your product or service and you’ll struggle to make ends meet.

    This week, I’m talking about how to charge what you are worth. The thing is, no matter what price you set, someone will always be unhappy. Putting your prices down to appease customers won’t keep you comfortable, no matter what you may think.

    I used to think that pricing my services low would get me more customers. Actually, in the end, what happened was that I attracted the wrong people into my world. I learned that getting a ‘yes’ from the right person is more valuable than a ‘yes’ from many wrong people.

Next Step:

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