Why your business needs a technical co-founder…and where to find one?

It takes both vision and know-how for your business to succeed. You’ve got the vision. Perhaps you have the start of a team. But in this era of technology, you must also have the technical know-how to get the job done. Don’t overlook that critical component. It’s really not possible to overestimate a technical co-founder’s importance.

Forming a team that includes a variety of experiences, skills and outlooks can offer your business a better chance at survival. Combining different strengths to achieve your business goal will enhance your success potential.

What to look for:
Your technical co-founder needs to bring a variety of abilities to the table. As you consider what you need for that position, keep these qualities in mind:

  • 1) A record of success
    Don’t take someone’s word for it, let their record speak. Never hesitate to inquire into past work experiences and successes. How do their former team members regard them?

  • 2) Enthusiasm
    Attitude is harder to quantify, but a motivated and enthusiastic presence is critical in your technical co-founder. Look behind the data. Use your intuition. What feeling comes through? Look for a technical partner who enjoys what they do and does it with passion.

  • 3) A feel for both technology and business
    Does your co-founder understand conversion content? Have they mastered exceptional branding? Do they realize how important it is to automate your business process and, just as important: do they know how to do that?

  • 4) Expertise in the fields you need
    You know what you know, and you need to know what you need. Be sure that a potential technical co-founder has the skills your business needs, be it coding skill, design skill, skill in SEO, whatever is relevant to your domain. Do they know how to produce revenue-generating results?

  • 5) Organized
    Knowledge is only part of the equation; production is an equally important component. Ensure that your technical co-founder has organizational ability. Using an effective workflow is key to successful technical production. Businesslike technology is just as important as well as businesslike production. Can your co-founder use the Lean Canvas approach to allow the flexibility your future requires?

  • 6) Balances listening with leadership
    You want a technical co-founder who’s a team player. They need to know and share your vision. And, they need share their expertise easily and naturally. Can your potential partner offer a profitable vision for the future? Do you feel comfortable enough with them to trust their experience?

Where to Find a Technical Co-founder

One model for technical co-founder is to recruit an individual. This process is similar to the process of choosing a life partner or spouse. You may choose to indirectly recruit your co-founder by working your networking system. Attending events geared to entrepreneurship, weekends like “Startup Weekend” for example, or others like them can expose you to technical talents.

Another model that’s worked successfully for many business startups is to partner with an established technology firm. Choosing this route gives you flexibility and the advantage of “hiring” a team as a technical co-founder. Until or unless you find “the one” person to whom you feel a complete and unequivocal commitment as co-founder, working with a technology firm is an investment in your business that can pay dividends in ongoing success.

Consider Us!

If you still have not found your technical co-founder, contact us. We would love to hear your idea and potentially fill that vacant seat on your team. Our work produces results, turning your idea into a lean, mean, well-oiled business machine. We invite you to examine our portfolio page and see how we’ve affected results in business after business throughout our history.

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