Turn your business website into your Best Sales Person

  • An excellent article in Forbes encourages the marrying of Marketing and Sales. They encourage you to allow them to become a couple instead of remaining as two single entities. They will then evolve into a family of increased sales and efficiency. Through your web page, give your customers a salesperson that reaches out to nurture them and welcome them in.

Branding that Builds Trust – The Mother of all Salespersons

  • Spoil your customers. Figure out what they need, and give it to them.
  • A mother’s goal is to make things easier for her child. Do the same for your customers, and keep things simple.
  • Moms should aspire to honesty. Be sincere.
  • Like a great homemaker, make things attractive, interesting, and easy to use.

Business Process Automation (BPA) – The Grand Daddy of Business

  • Using BPA helps to resolve family conflict within your system by creating a bond between all of its members. In other words, it enables functions to overlap for easier use and site maneuvering.
  • BPA can benefit your budget by reducing costs. It can consolidate many high traffic areas and will translate into less time and less money.

Content Conversion – The Loving and Wise Auntie of Your Website

  • Help the client to feel understood. Try to see things from their point of view.
  • Nurture your customers. Listen to them by reading the comments they leave. Use those comments to write the content that will make them feel heard.
  • Don’t try to convince customers with your content. Instead, guide them.

The Black Sheep of the Family – Social Media Mistakes

  • Don’t be a chatterbox by overloading your customers with too many postings. However, do let them know you are thinking of them by posting regularly – no more than 1-5 posts daily depending on your media outlet.
  • Don’t neglect your customers. Let them know they are heard and dear to your heart. Use their opinions and ideas to create inspired content.
  • Do post great behind-the-scenes photos of your business. Don’t forget to share occasional snapshots of your biggest fans!
  • Do share relevant industry news in a conversational, easy-to-follow manner. Your customers often do not have the time to stay up on the latest news. You are making life easier for them by finding and reporting on things that are interesting and helpful.

Attract & engage customers using one of the most effective salesperson you have; your website. We’d love to introduce you properly to this powerful team member. Contact us today!

3 Steps to Website Success

You could go crazy trying to keep up with the “new and the now” but you don’t have to. Setting out on the path to success with your website is as easy as understanding the 3 Steps.

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