Do You Think That You’re Cut Out For Running a Start-Up? Take This Quiz

  • Do you think that you’re cut out for running a start-up? That’s awesome. Starting a business can be your ticket to earning a steady income and leaving the corporate world for good. The trick is to map out your idea and then to secure different sources of capital so you can test it. But, first, we want you to take this quiz that every would-be entrepreneur should:

1. Will you do whatever it takes to get the business off the ground?

We say this because business owners typically invest hundreds or thousands of hours during the start-up phase, and they aren’t collecting a paycheck. If you’re sure you can dig deep and make sacrifices, you might survive the first lean year of operations.

2. Are you tired of working for someone else?

If you hate going into your annual performance review meeting to hear how the boss has rated your work, we hear you. When you run a start-up, you’re the boss. You handle the hiring and firing and/or get assistance with this business function. You decide when to open and close the business and what products or services to offer.

3. Do you hate representing business values that don’t match your own?

Anyone who has worked for a business with different values than their own has had to bite his or her tongue multiple times. It could be when explaining a policy to a dissatisfied customer or when justifying a decision to your boss. When you own the company, you determine the business values and hire the people who will follow them.

4. Do you want to earn money on a par with your hard work?

If you work on an hourly or salary basis for a company where you never get to touch the revenue, it’s hard to feel motivated. The profits go into someone else’s pockets, and your value is limited to your salary. What’s more, most employers don’t give annual increases at a pace that matches rising living costs. You could begin developing an idea and then leave the corporate world once your business gets off the ground. This way you start forging a path towards financial independence without getting rid of your job as a source of stability.

5. Are your talents being wasted in your current job?

Sometimes, we take jobs because we need a salary and benefits. We must support our family, but we begin to stagnate when the organization ceases to challenge us and develop our talents. We want you to find a new sense of purpose as a new business owner.

6. Do people like working for you even if you aren’t the top dog?

If you find it easy to build relationships with people and motivate them to complete tasks for the benefit of the organization, owning a business could be your vocation. It’s a question of when to begin.

7. Are you ready to change careers?

Few management positions provide enough flexibility for managers to feel as though they’re running their own company. You could feel this way as the general manager of a restaurant or a regional manager of a chain of stores. To some degree, however, you are limited by the corporate office’s policies and directives. What would you do if you started a chain of your own stores? Entrepreneurship offers 100% flexibility. As a start-up business owner, you’ll create and enforce business practices your way unless you take on partners in the firm.

We want you to realize the dream of business ownership so that you can test a new idea on the market. How much longer can you stand working for your present boss? Do you really want to change companies again? We help you start a company in ways that makes sense. For details, please contact us today.

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