$100 website vs a $10,000 website? What’s the difference?

Which one do you choose when positioning your company at the top?

Internet marketing is the most effective way to advertise today and will be the most effective method of advertising in the future. Any savvy business owner knows this. In order to position your company for the most conversions and the most sales, you have to develop a sales funnel website filled with all the bells and whistles to capture and convert the internet shopper.

  • ROI is the take-away with a sales funnel website.

    These are not inexpensive websites, rather they are aggressive sales machines that work for you non-stop. Creating and launching a “salesperson” website indicates that you are serious about business and the competition you face. The website will work for you ceaselessly, through holidays and weekends to further your business ambitions.

  • Not just pretty pictures, an interactive sales tool.

    We are all aware of the “brochure-type” web site; lots of pretty pictures with little content and no reason for anyone to spend more than two seconds looking before they move on. Cheap websites are the enemy when it comes to an internet marketing campaign. The internet is filled with these types of websites, they are not good for business and are essentially, background clutter. The sales funnel web site incorporates images with pertinent and current content designed to educate and engage the shopper. When they become engaged they want more information, from you.

The sales funnel website, what is it?

The characteristics of an excellent sales website are as follows:
  • It must be well designed. Your company website must be designed enough to be pleasing to the eye. Keeping aesthetics in mind, it also has to be simple in format to allow easy reading and logical layout. The easier it is for potential customers to navigate through your website, the more likely they are to convert. Striking the balance between ease of use and eye appeal is an art.
  • Optimized for SEO. Search engine optimization is the backbone of all internet marketing campaigns. Keywords and content on your business website need to be optimally placed and structured so the web crawlers get to your page first. It goes further than that: Search engine crawl and index, page load time, building domain authority– all these concepts must be enhanced and monitored 24/7/365 to ensure that your website is the front-runner for people searching for your products online. These aspects of the dynamic sales website are complex and require experts to set up. These are “live systems” in that they constantly analyze and assess terabytes of information to best position the site for online searchers.
  • Ready for mobile yet? The use of mobile phones as P2P devices for shopping is expanding exponentially. The sales funnel website will incorporate all of the platforms and applications necessary for your website to be accessed through mobile devices effortlessly, all the while initiating a “mobile-specific” SEO designed to draw mobile searchers in.
  • Clear calls to action and contact information throughout the website. A call to action simply means a phrase or sentence that encourages the searcher to either purchase, or get more information. These calls are set up to further engage the visitor. The more accurate information you can give someone, the more likely they are to buy your product. Including contact information throughout your website is another way to ensure loyalty and enhance interest. If they get confused, you are a phone call away. That is reassuring for visitors.

In conclusion:

The business world today is fast-paced, aggressive and packed with competition. Any advantage you can take is important. Internet marketing is an essential to companies that want to stay on top. Within that marketing umbrella, the sales funnel website is the vanguard toward generating serious interest and conversions. We have only covered a small percentage of the aspects of an excellent website, there are many more. A website of the sales caliber is not a cheap outlay, but your return on investment is significant. When you are ready for more information please contact us.

3 Steps to Website Success

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